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Patented & Clinically-Proven Natural Ingredient*

Immune Defense Against Clinically Demonstrated Challenges*

Specifically Designed for College Athletes to Stay Healthy, Train Hard and Perform at Their Highest Level.*

Supplement Benefits

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1 simple ingredient

Collegiate Defense contains a natural and safe immune enhancing ingredient called Wellmune® 1,3 1,6 Beta Glucan.

Wellmune® is clinically proven to:

  • Improve general immune health.

  • Maintain overall physical health.

  • Protect against the harmful effects of stress.

  • Promote health energy levels and mental clarity.

Wellmune® is a registered trademark of Kerry Group

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immune defense

Research has shown Beta Glucan 1,3 1,6 supports major defense mechanisms against viral & bacterial challenges (see mechanisms).


Taken Daily, Beta Glucans prime immune cells to work faster to find viral & bacterial intruder's and eliminate them more effectively. This allows the body to put more energy towards performing rather than fighting infection.

extra defense against viral & Bacterial Challenges

In a clinical study, marathon runners taking the ingredient (Wellmune®) for four weeks experienced a 40% reduction in upper respiratory tract infection symptoms.

 increase in protection

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48% reduction in fatigue

22% increase in vigor

Elite Athletes & Stress

Performance starts with the immune system.

  Athletes face physical and psychological stress  with workouts, practice, school load and travel requirements.

This can impact the immune system and physical health leading to missed training days or critical workouts and impact performance. 

Keeping athletes ready to compete is a top priority

Performance starts with the immune system






How Many Containers Of Collegiate defense does My Team Need?

Use our Calculator to see how long a container of COLLEGIATE DEFENSE will last your team!

1 Container

  • 2000 servings

  • 1 serving (1 scoop) per athlete / day

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