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Elite Athletes and Immunity

Intense exercise has been shown to impair immunity depending on the length and intensity of the work out. Risk of infection by both viruses and bacteria increase during this period.

This is where Beta Glucans can provide functional nutrition. 

Beta Glucan's  prime the natural killer cells before the athlete comes in contact with the pathogen.  This way more cells react when a viral or bacterial invader is detected and work efficiently to track down and destroy the pathogen before the infection begins.

With Beta Glucans, the immunosuppression that follows exercise is decreased and the athlete's body can focus on rehydrating and recovery rather than fighting off infection.

Wellmune®   is our source of beta glucans.

Wellmune® reduces immune suppression associated with strenuous exercise.

Wellmune® helps enable both recreational and elite athletes to exercise longer and harder, with less risk of immune system suppression than normally follows high-intensity exercise.

In this study, Wellmune prevented alterations in monocytes and key cytokines following high-intensity exercise—suggesting that participants’ immune systems avoided common post-exercise suppression. • Maintained white blood cell levels: Wellmune prevented the drop in white blood cells that occurs following intense exercise. • Improved mucosal immunity: Two hours post-exercise, Wellmune improved salivary IgA recovery by 32% compared to the placebo. IgA, a protective protein, is associated with improved immune protection of the mucosa. • Enhanced immune responses to a simulated bacterial challenge: The Wellmune group had higher levels of key cytokines following lipopolysaccharide (LPS) stimulation suggesting the priming of leukocytes that mediate immune responses.

Wellmune supports immune health in elite athletes by maintaining higher levels of LPS-stimulated cytokines.

Wellmune helped salivary IgA levels rebound more quickly after exercise.

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“Baker’s Yeast ß-glucan Supplementation Increases Monocytes and Cytokines Post-Exercise: Implications for Infection Risk?” (2013) British Journal of Nutrition 109:478-4

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