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Is COLLEGIATE DEFENSE third party tested?

Yes! Every batch of COLLEGIATE DEFENSE is third party tested for over 270 banned substances.   

Are there any side effects as a result of taking Collegiate Defense?

 The ingredient Wellmune® has been demonstrated as one of the most safe and effective immune health ingredient in numerous peer-reviewed clinical (human) and preclinical scientific studies.

Why is the Wellmune Brand Ingredient so Important?

Wellmune® has been called "the most important development in clinical immunology in the last 30 years".


An independent study at The University of Louisville demonstrated that Wellmune® is significantly more effective than all other nutritional supplements in enhancing the ability of the immune system to protect the body.

 The University of Louisville; at the James Brown Cancer Center.

Can I take more Collegiate Defense if I am exposed to viruses, colds, or flu?

Yes, we suggest increasing the dose to 2-3 scoops per day (taken at intervals) at times of increased viral or bacterial threat such as the winter flu season, or travelling by air.

When and how should Collegiate Defense be taken?

Collegiate Defense may be consumed at any time of day whether on its own in supplement form or combined with nutrition shake, water, or meal.

How long after consuming Wellmune® does it begin to work?

Natural, safe and can be taken daily, Wellmune® starts to provide immune support within 1-2 days after it is consumed.

Are products with Wellmune® designed for use during cold/flu season?

Products with Wellmune® are designed for everyday consumption year-round, including during cold/flu season.

Are there any known drug or food interactions with Wellmune®?

There have been no confirmed interactions between any known drug or food and Wellmune®. Wellmune® has a strong safety and toxicity profile and is approved as a safe novel food ingredient by leading regulatory agencies worldwide. Individuals should consult with their physician before taking any nutritional supplement.

How Does Wellmune® support athletes?

Wellmune® helps athletes stay healthy during and after intense exercise, and allows for harder and longer training.

How does Wellmune® support during times of stress?

Chronic or long-term stress suppresses immunity in several ways. Wellmune® helps people stay healthier during periods of stress.

Does Wellmune® contain gluten?

Wellmune® is naturally gluten-free.

Is Wellmune® safe for people with chronic disease, autoimmune diseases, cardiovascular problems, ulcers, irritable bowel syndrome, Crohn’s disease, or individuals who have had organ transplants?

Wellmune® has been well-studied for safety and immune health benefits. Individuals should consult with their physician before taking any nutritional supplement.

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