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What's in Collegiate Defense and why?

  • Collegiate Standard Nutriton chose Kerry Group, who supplies the patented Wellmune® ingredient. Kerry Group conducted extensive clinical trials to prove the effectiveness of this natural ingredient in enhancing the immune system. 

  • Wellmune has a unique structure from other Beta Glucans and the effectiveness has been proven through >12 clinical studies.

How Wellmune® Works

How Wellmune® Works

Numerous human trials have shown that Beta Glucans enhance activity against viral and bacterial attack.  These findings include a decrease in cold and flu symptoms and upper respiratory tract infections compared to placebo.

University of Maryland Medical System

Coronavirus: What patients, visitors and our communities need to know.

Safe, Natural, and Clinically Proven Ingredient

  • Our beta glucan ingredient is  Wellmune®, which is extracted from the cell wall of bakers yeast and purified.

  • Wellmune® is a natural yeast beta glucan clinically proven to help strengthen your immune system.

  • Wellmune® is accredited on the US Food and Drug Administration's (FDA) GRAS list - Generally Recognized As Safe.

Safety of Ingredient (Wellmune®)

Trademarked, Patented, and Extensively Tested

Research Behind Wellmune® 

Unlike other yeast beta glucans, Wellmune® is the only ingredient supported by over a dozen published, peer-reviewed clinical studies. Research validates Wellmune's unique ability to help strengthen general immune health.


serving (per scoop)

Wellmune® 1,3 1,6 beta glucans  

250 mg

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